SportzXchange platform

In addition to what is being offered in the market today by most platforms, we offer some very unique features. Our gaming development team is constantly working to bring many more features that are unique and exciting. Other sports will be added soon.


Oops! So sorry, but that’s not permitted at this stage

Oops! So sorry, but that’s not permitted at this stage

We advise you to be very careful while entering your profile details. Changing them later may be possible in case of typographic and oversight errors but these changes are subject to our verification process which may lead to delays. Please feel to reach out to us at support@sportzxchange.com


We understand that these things can sometimes take longer than normal.

  • Please check if your mobile phone has network coverage.
  • Please allow reasonable time for the OTP to be received
  • Please request for another OTP if you still haven’t received it

Still did not solve the problem?? No problem

Please reach out to us at support@sportzxchange.com

Click on Forgot Password? on the login page and we will send you an OTP to your registered email address which has to be entered on the application in order to reset your password. You could also login using other methods using your Google or Facebook ID or registered mobile number.

Sorry but that is just not done!! Please be informed that one person is allowed to create only one account on SportzXchange. Creating multiple accounts by one person is strictly prohibited. If anyone is found doing so, then strict action will be taken against him.

It’s for your own safety!!

KYC is required to withdraw any winnings or monies to ensure that the withdrawn amounts go to the right person.

When you wish to withdraw any funds from your winnings account, you will be prompted to verify your KYC if it has not been completed yet. Follow the instructions and upload documents as listed.

Alternatively, you can go to the “My Account section and complete your KYC

If you have a problem, feel free to reach out to us at support@sportzxchange.com

  1. I did not receive the activation link on my email address

    We suggest you wait for a reasonable time to get an activation mail from us. While our services are prompt, there are some issues that are beyond our control. Check your spam folder & mark our mails ‘not as spam’ just to ensure authenticity. We neither practice nor encourage the sharing of any spam-related content. Shoold you still do not receive an activation email from us, please feel free to reach us at support@sportzxchange.com

  2. My name and/or date of birth does not match exactly with my PAN card

    This is extremely important and your details must match exactly with those on your PAN Card. So, please make sure you enter the correct details while signing up.

    If you made a mistake, we will be happy to help. Please feel free to reach out to us at support@sportzxchange.com

The components of your account are

  • Unutilized Account
  • Cash Winnings Account
  • Cash Bonus Account
  • Xtra Cash Bonus Account

Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details

Your transaction history regarding payments, withdrawals, bonus etc. can be viewed in the account section.

Your transaction history regarding contests joined can be viewed in the My Account section

We generally maintain transaction history for the last 12 months. If you do require any assistance with respect to transaction history for earlier periods, please reach out to us at support@sportzxchange.com

deposit and withdrawl

Payments can be made on the app by going to the “My account” section and using the “Add cash” option. All payments made through the app using the “Add Cash” option shall be credited to your Unutilized Account.

Alternatively, the Entry Fee for such Contest or a shortfall in Entry Fee after considering the available balances in your accounts can be paid directly through the app prior to joining the Contest.

Go to My account to see the balances in your Winning account. Click on the withdraw button and enter the amount that you wish to withdraw. Your withdrawal request shall be processed in accordance with our Payment and withdrawal policy.

You make multiple requests for withdrawal but only one request in a single day. A withdrawal request can be made for any amount equal to or greater than ₹100 and upto of maximum amount of ₹200,000.

  1. For any amounts withdrawn from your winnings account beyond ₹ 10,000 in a single financial year, a TDS @ 31.2% shall be deducted. Furthermore, bank changes, if any, at your end shall be to your account

If you have completed your KYC and in accordance with your withdrawal policy, you will receive a confirmation about an approval of your withdrawal amount. The withdrawal amount from your account will be credited to your bank account within 3 working hours. Please check out our Payment and withdrawal policy for more details.

Please check whether your KYC is completed and your withdrawal request is as per the Payment and withdrawal policy.

Please allow upto 3 working days to receive your withdrawal approval. Sometimes, approvals may get delayed beyond 43 working days due to internal verification process or the current COVID19 situation.

As alarming as it may sound, please do not worry, we will sort it out. Please feel free to reach us at support@sportzxchange.com

Only balances in the Unutilized account and Winnings are withdrawable (Please check out our Payment and Withdrawal policy for more details).

feedback / support

We would love to hear from you and suggestions are welcome. Please go to the Support section and submit your feedback.

We will be happy to help solve your problem. Please go through our FAQ section where you will find most answers to possible problems. If you still want to reach out to us, please go to the Support section. Please then select the subject related to your problem (If your subject is not listed, please choose “General”). Type out your message and send it to us.