Play responsibly

Fantasy sport can be very entertaining from a gaming perspective and SportzXchange respects you as our customer. While our endeavour is to make your experience with our application interesting and entertaining, we do advise that you act responsibly and follow a certain disciplinary code while playing for cash.

We have adopted some stringent measures for you to follow your game and be the best at it. We also recommend that you follow these rules to continue playing on our platform.

  • Our Contests are completely skill-based and there are no short-cuts to winning. So, please do your homework!!
  • While they may serve as a mode of entertainment and have attractive reward structures, they cannot and must not be equated to a regular source of generating income.
  • You should keep track on the amount of time you are spending on our application. Excessive screen time can be bad for health.
  • You should keep track of the money that are investing to use our services (You could use The Transaction History section on our application). Should you believe it is affecting you personally and/or financially, we suggest you stop immediately.
  • Please do not play only to recover your “losses.” Consider using limits for your losses.
  • Please do not borrow money from anyone to play these games.
  • You should play only with an amount that you could afford to lose in a worst-case scenario.
  • We would also inform notify you if we detect any self-damaging gaming patterns and/or any losses that go in excess of INR 25k.
  • Do take your family and friends in confidence before continuing further.
  • We also restrict players less than 18 years of age to use our services. Please note that if you are an adult, you may not let any minor play through your SportzXchange account.